Authorized Sport Court® CourtBuilder™.

Back in the year 1974, Sport Court created the backyard game court. Since that time, as a company, we have installed more than 150,000 courts throughout the world. Among our most known customers are Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Brown — along with over 50 NBA coaches and players. We may be the world’s largest court builder, but we promise to continue bringing you the hometown service associated with the Sport Court name. We are committed to quality and promise to be there with you from beginning to end to guarantee that your flooring is done right. At Sport Court of Connecticut we will never let our guard down. We are the leader in the installation and servicing of modular sports flooring — it’s who we are to our core. 

Sport Court of Connecticut is ready to make your court—and your experience—the very best.

We’ve been focused on one thing for 16 years: building courts that motivate champions. 

  • CourtBuilders are certified by Sport Court.
  • Custom design experts will help you design the court for your sports needs with your color palette.
  • We are committed to providing customer service and project coordination from court design to installation to maintenance.
  • Sport Court game courts are made with professional-grade materials and construction processes.
  • Every court comes with a 15-year warranty on surfaces and components.
  • Products are independently tested for quality and performance.